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Private Jet is an innovative and discreet pleasure product that will take you to an all new world of pleasure. Each and every day.
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private jet
  • "A complicated task made simple."

    Vanessa R, 40, Bolder, Colorado

  • "I didn't know a shower could be that much fun."

    Ruth T., 22, Boston, Massachusetts

  • "My little treat before my hubby come home."

    Anna B., 28, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The Private Jet is a revolutionary product with one aim: take you to new sensual heights in the comfort of your shower.

This easy-to-install device connects permanently between your shower head and the hose, and allows the most miraculous stream of pleasure in one click. Private Jet is invisible to the untrained eye or the uncalled guest.


Our engineers have put a stop to the annoying ritual of disconnecting and re-connecting the showerhead during your “quality time”. In addition, they have developed a unique device that delivers a soft and focused laminar stream that has been tried and tested on hundreds of women with an 87% satisfaction rate.

private jet


An orgasm a day keeps the
doctor away!


30 second installation as seen on YouTube!

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  • So discrete no one will notice it’s even there. Except you of course.
  • Fits all hand held
    shower heads.
  • Patent Pending.
private jet


Follow these few simple steps to install
and use. Get ready to embark on one
heck of a journey!

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Do I need to install the Private Jet every time before I use it?

Absolutely not. It only requires a one time easy installation after which it stays permanently connected to your shower system.

Can other people (like my Mom or Kids) see it in my shower?

No. The Privet Jet had been designed to seamlessly blend into your shower. No one besides you should notice it.

Do I still need the Private Jet even if I have a boyfriend?

You sure do. The pleasure provided by the Private Jet is the perfect condiment for your regular sex life. If your boyfriend is away on business for a few days, or if you want to get in the mood prior to sex, Private Jet will always get you safely to your destination.

I never tried to pleasure myself in the shower, is Private Jet right for me?

Why not? There is always a first time. 50% of our tester tried "in shower masturbation" for the first with Private Jet and the majority of them says they love it.

Is it healthy?

It sure is. The National Health Service of Britain claimed in 2009 that "an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” We don’t want you seeing a doctor any time soon.

Can I use it as a regular shower?

Yes you can. The laminar stream provided by the Private Jet is both soft and gentle as well as focused and concentrated. It truly has a dual purpose.


Submit an arousing 140 character tale about the weirdest place you've ever done it and you may win an amazing prize.

To enter, tweet your story to @myprivatejet and add the hashtag #streamofpleasure. The Winning story will be selected by the Private Jet Twitter panel and the winner will be awarded a surprise gift. 10 runner-ups will receive a Private Jet. Applicants must abide by Twitter rules and regulations.

private jet


The Private Jet is the latest invention by UD-Soft Ltd, a privately held company specializing in patent inventions and a wide range of technological and software solutions.

We started developing the Private Jet after we met a female acquaintance who recalled searching for a shower vibrator but hadn’t found anything. We were surprised that there was nothing out there. After doing our market research we got our thinking juices flowing and 12 months, 2 prototypes and hundreds of female testers later, the Private Jet is ready to take off.

FREE Shipping & Return Policy

The Privet Jet typically ships out in 1-2 business days. Delivery time will be 7-10 business days. Now, for a limited time we provide FREE shipping worldwide.

Refunds for item returned within 30 days from the purchase date will be credited in the full amount (excluding shipping charges) and in the same form as the original payment type. Any claims for damaged order must be received within 2 business days of receipt of package at For more details please see our Shipping & Return Policy.


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